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Vinzas Solutions Working for Marine Industries

Vinzas Solutions India Private Limited has been working with the world’s leading ship industries, in inspection and maintenance for the past 12 years. We are Involved in providing fundamental data for preparing an integrated through-life vessel integrity management program that addresses the structural condition of the vessel and assists the owner to operate more safely, more efficiently and more cost effectively while meeting the highest standards of classification. 


We had done projects for Cargo Container Ship, Bulk Carrier, Oil Tanker, LNG and LPG Ships. 

We consult the shipping industry like Ship manufacturers/Shipyards to prepare engineering plans. The Plans which cover the Hull geometry, Bulkheads (longitudinal and transverse), Decks, Bottoms, Flats, Frames etc. which clearly show the arrangement of the plating, and their individual thickness and material grade, how the structures are strengthened using stiffeners and then supporting brackets. 


The engineering plans are converted to two dimensional to three-dimensional CAD drawings. We also create Interface between CAD and other packages. 

We believe that quality is our culture, expressed in the way we interact and cater to the needs of our clients. 


                                                                                    Ship Structural Manual Creation

We are also preparing Hull Inspection guides for all types of ships. Inspection guides have been produced to assist the ship’s staff and technical superintendents in the inspection and assessment of hull structures. The Guide covers the inspection of ballast tanks, cargo tanks and other tanks/spaces/structures as specified by the shipbuilders/operator. The service also includes the provision of training in structural inspections and the supply of customized reports for recording and analyzing the results of inspections. 

Introduction of the structural guide, Nomenclature of structural parts, General Arrangement of Ship, Water Ballast Tanks viz. After Peak Tank, Fore Peak Tank, etc. Cargo Oil Tanks, Cofferdam, Trunk Spaces, Pipe Ducts, Slop Tank if applicable, Miscellaneous Tanks or Engine Room Tanks (e.g.) Bilge holding tank, Sump tank, etc.. Deck Areas and Structures. 

We may mutually explore the possibilities of creating opportunities to support your various shipping applications. 

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