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Our country is moving towards digitalization, transparency and accountability and so are “WE”. We would want nothing but the best for our clients and e-governance is one way we reach the path. 


Like we promised cost-effective solutions, e-governance allows to produce a working model in “Dealing with Construction Permits” by Automating the Building plan Scrutiny and Approval process. It not only simplifies the process but also significantly reduces the time and cost. 


E-governance gives us unconditional powers like verification and rechecking of results at every stage of development, cuts down errors in manual processes, drawings are easy to generate with a minimal effort. Easy to use and adapt thus reduces the time taken for processing files. Most importantly they are safe and secure. 


In short, we cut down time and cost in every possible situation. Our previous success stories are the living testimony to how far we made. 


Fresh air, natural landscape, commercial hub- that’s Noida for you! We are loving it. we are now active in Noida.



We are now active in Bhopal. The cultural centre or the Bhojtal lake which we visit first?  



We are now active in one of India’s most well-planned, greenfield, smart industrial city- YES, we are now active in AURIC. 


Greater Noida

We searched for the fastest growing commercial city. Now, we are active in Greater Noida. 

maxresdefault (1).jpg


chhan watala! How do you say I am feeling cold, can you turn off the fan in Marathi? We are now active in Pune. 



Vannakam, a quick question if we visit one temple a day, how long will it take us to visit all the temples in Tamil Nadu. Because, we are active in DTCP. 



We are now active in the city that is also known as the Gateway of South India!


Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation

Is that the famous statue of unity we are looking at? Oh wait! We are now active at the Gujarat industrial development corporation. 


Port Blair

We came here for a business vacation. Now, we are planning for a reallyyyyy long stay. We are now active at Port Blair. 



Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, we couldn’t resist the smell of kadhi pakora and rajma chawal. So, here we are. We are now active in Punjab. 



Cheers! We are active at the land of islands and beaches. Switch on the vacation mode already…



A bright, sunny day at the office near a seashore. A dream to many. Well, not to us anymore. Yes, we are now active is CMA. 



We wouldn’t miss a chance to taste some amazing bun parottas! We are now active at the city of temples.

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