Architectural Consultancy

Vinzas Solutions possesses a full-fledged Architectural design department consisting of Architects, Civil Engineers, CAD Draughtsman and Animators.

A typical cycle starts from understanding the needs of the customer. From then on the process is as follows:

  • Preparation of a draft model for the approval from the Client and other key partners funding the project

  • Identifying resources for the site like Water, Electricity, Sewer location etc.

  • Statutory body needs for local planning authority.

  • Preparation of conceptual sketches and alternatives and customer discussion thereon

  • Preparation of Detail drawings

  • Creating a rendered model and perspective for presentation purpose

  • Preparation of a complete BIM (Building Information Model) which serves as a graphical representation of the building along with geometry, space connectivity and usage, product and quantity information

  • Emphasis is placed on the conservation of energy and we see to that we build ‘Green buildings’ which utilise natural resources for lighting and conditioning

  • Co-ordination with consultants like HVAC, Structural Engineers, Electrical and Plumbing and undertaking the job or fixing suitable sub-contractors with data extraction from the above created BIM Model

  • Detailing of Architectural working drawings.

  • Construction Site Progress and Co-ordination and monitoring

  • Completion of Architectural renderings for Business Marketing

  • Handing over the completed project to the Client